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Our programs are highly personalized to meet your needs and include:

Selecting a program

1. Weight Loss Program

The metabolic profile assesses your body’s most vital processes, major organ systems and essential nutrient levels to pinpoint imbalances that lead to disease. The results reveal root causes of any symptoms you may have and also serve as a great tool to gauge overall health.

2. Stabilization Program

Unlike other commercial or do-it-yourself programs, the Herbal Magic weight loss system doesn’t leave you hanging once you have reached your goal weight. Our philosophy is to make sure that you keep your new, healthy weight for life.

3. Maintenance Program

Research has proven that individuals who lost weight by following a weight loss program that included a maintenance phase were more successful at maintaining their goal weight than those who did not follow a maintenance program. And, unfortunately, individuals who did not follow a maintenance program actually experienced rebound weight gain.

Meeting with your Dietician

You’ll start meeting with your Dietitian by phone or via teleconferencing at a time convenient for you. You’ll receive a customized nutritional profile, a meal plan (including recipes and grocery list recommendations)

By putting what you’ve learned into practice and developing good eating habits, you’ll start seeing real, long-lasting results.

Our programs are all about you. If you require modifications, menu changes or other considerations, you can let your Registered Dietitian know.